What can KIP do for you?

Anything they can do, KIP can do better

Purchase, manage, and exchange IAX and IAD

Earn IAX rewards, manage your wallets and purchase products and services. Participate in subscription based wealth building and staking to earn more!

AI Managed Enterprise Solutions

Small to Large Business client acquisition, client management, organization and team suites, with client and team facing interfaces.

Customized Brand Building Solutions

Start your own one of a kind, customized full featured private Social Media app for your brand, product, business or organization.

Make money and have fun betting sports.

Play for free and make real money at a one of a kind sportsbook run entirely by KIP!

Thinking of moving to a new country?

Is inflation in your country too high? Our IADOWR Travel platform can help you every step of the way to relocate to another country.

Fund and manage film and television production

Participate in our IADOWR Entertainment Fund to fund your next project, and use KIP to help manage your production as little or as much as you want from prep to post.

What is IAX and IAD?

Utility tokens for the future



Investable, high growth potential, accepted by KIP and all of IADOWR platforms.



Stable, steady growth, price rises with more usage, used for purchases and staking.

IAX Currency Calculator

Try our calculator to see what you can trade IAX for

Using The IAX Calculator

  • Just choose the currency you want to use.
  • Type in the amount of IAX you want to buy or the amount of the currency you want to spend.
  • The calculator will show you todays rate based on IAX price and Currency Rates.

(IAX amount includes the %1 exchange fee)

Unlock the power of KIP

An AI built for you. Multi-purpose, deep learning, human behavior predicting, task modulated.

Content creation AI is cool, but how about a true multi-purpose Learning Machine that has spent the last 13 years developing Human Behavior predictive models and is ready to help you in every aspect of your life.

Massive Data Analysis

Do you have massive amounts of real-time data that needs instant analysis? Let KIP look at your data and process it for you and save thousands of man hours with instant results.

Upgrade Your Life

Invite KIP to help you with as many or as little aspects of your life you might need help. Finances, health, relationships, family, schedule, business, career, and more. You decide how much you want KIP to help you with and he will.

Upgrade Your Business

Use KIP to help upgrade your small business to large corporation. If you have clients or employees then KIP can help you become more efficient for client facing and enterprise facing applications. We can customize your solution, at a cheaper cost than anywhere else.

Anything they can do, KIP can do better

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Steps to get started with IADOWR's Ecosystem

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Easily create an account with your email or one touch registration with your Google or Facebook account.

Link Accounts Automatically

Your IADOWR Account automatically links with IADOWREX and all the IADOWR platform companies.

Start using IAX and IAD

Whether you want to buy clothing, bet on sports or play fantasy, or safely invest into film and television, you are just scratching the surface of what IAX can do.

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